Fallen (The Transformed Prequel) (Chapter Eight, page 1 of 5)

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I spent the following months enjoying my time with Tanner. We laughed and played, and I enjoyed myself in a whole new way. I even found that by feeding on him a little each day, my appetite was curbed and I had no desire to run out and drain anyone. I spent my days trying to find someone who would be a good match for Alexis. Of course there was no one, as no guy ever even looked her way.

Even if a guy had glanced at her, I would have pretended not to see because I wanted to stay in Delphic Cove with Tanner as long as possible. I enjoyed my time with him and I also loved watching him become more confident. When I watched his games and practices, it was different than before. The other players gave him respect and space; gone were the days of them picking on him and pushing him around.

It was much the same in school, when he walked down the hall, people moved out of his way. Nobody bothered him and I could see the relief in his eyes. He was so grateful to me for helping him out. I was just glad to be able to spend time with him.

I wasn't sure how long that would last. I knew that it was only a matter of time before Vince wanted me to come back and give him a report. I was purposefully taking too long to accomplish my mission and he wasn't stupid. He would figure that out, though I hoped that he wouldn't figure out that I had fallen completely in love with Tanner. I was head over heels and would have done anything for him.

Then the day came. Tanner and I were playing hooky, eating pizza and drinking shakes at the mall when my phone buzzed with a text. I sent Tanner for napkins and I looked at the text, seeing that Vince expected me to join him for dinner that night.

"You okay, Sammie?" Tanner asked, sitting down, his eyes full of concern.

"I think that the jerk redneck might be on my tail," I lied. "I can sense his presence and I-"


"It's something I can feel. Remember how I felt that one vampire when we were at the beach?"

He nodded, looking upset.

"I need to leave town for a few days. I'll be back, I couldn't leave you for long. But I need to get myself, and my scent, out of here. I can't risk him sensing me."

His eyes widened. "Will you be safe?"

I put my hand on top of his. "Don't worry about me."

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