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From "Gabriel's Hope"

At the Caribbean Sanctuary, Fate watched the Oracle record the latest batch of deals made between deities. They were routine. Boring. Nothing he really wanted to see. And then it came. The one he was waiting for. He leaned forward, intrigued as the Oracle scribbled down the agreement.

Immortal Mate (Death - current) and Immortal Mate (Dark One - current)

This much he predicted. Sometimes, he kept himself entertained by forecasting what happened without letting himself peek at the details. This was one such instance where he refused to look, instead reveling in the thrill of anticipation. Now it was time to see if he'd guessed correctly.

IM-D given one week to make Death fall in love. Deal: IM-D, IM-DO souls. Winner takes all.

Fate contemplated the deal between Gabriel's new mate and the Dark One's new mate. A week was generous to one woman and dangerous to the other. His guess had been three days. Little Deidre was going to have a rough go in Hell, especially when she discovered what it meant to have the Dark One as a mate, while past-Death was going to find herself unprepared for the mortal world.

Prior to the details of the deal, Fate was considering going on vacation. Seeing the bet, he decided he wanted to stick around long enough to observe a few more events in the women's futures. Both were on the courses he laid out for them, though that was not always an indication his preferred outcome was inevitable.

Straightening, Fate smiled.

He had a good feeling about this one. He was definitely sticking around.


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