Damian's Immortal (Chapter Six, page 1 of 14)

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Jenn snapped awake and sat, reaching for the gun under her pillow. The walls of the underground facility were trembling from a shockwave of power that made her Guardian senses hum with danger. She changed quickly out of her sleepwear and loaded her body down with weapons then drew a knife and her gun.

She left the room assigned her by Jonny, two doors down from his in his private wing. His guards lay dead in the hallway before his door, and she leapt over their bodies, shoving the door to his apartments open.

"Jonny?" she called. "Are you here?" A quick exploration of his apartments showed two more dead vamps but no Black God.

Jenn trotted through the halls, hopping over dead vamps as she went. No other sounds stirred but that of her boots over concrete. None of the vamps she'd seen yet were alive. The shockwaves faded, and she stood in the middle of an intersection, stretching out with her Guardian senses to find some kind of life.

"C'mon, Jonny, be alive," she whispered.

A faint pulse of life came from the direction of the gym. Jenn ran through the halls, certain no vamp was about to get in her way when all of them so far were dead. She pushed open the door to the gym. Emergency lighting glowed along the walls, and the strange silhouettes of workout machines made her pause and wait for her night vision to filter out machine from potential attacker.

Nothing was alive in here, either. Alarmed, she picked her way through the rows of machines towards the door leading to the sparring mats. The lights were on in here, and Jonny's form lay in the center of about a hundred dead vamps.

"Jonny!" she exclaimed, rushing forward. She dropped to her knees beside him and pushed him onto his back. "Jonny!"

The only thing she could've imagined happening was an ambush. Jonny's body was bloodied and beaten, though his pulse was strong. Jenn checked his eyes and lowered her ear to his mouth to make sure he was breathing.

"Fancy seeing you alive."

She whipped around, weapon pointed at Xander as he appeared through the doorway. His gaze took in the dead vamps. Jenn had wanted to shoot him since meeting him, and she opened fire. Xander held up a hand, catching the bullets and then tossing them.

Her arm dropped.

"You'll have to use your bare hands," he said, looking her over. "No human weapon can hurt me."

"Why did you do this?" she demanded. She holstered the gun and drew a knife. "You can't kill him."

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