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Damian's Immortal

War of Gods, Book III

By Lizzy Ford

Edited by Christine LePorte at christineleporte.com

Cover art and design by Dafeenah at indiedesignz.com

* * * * *


Thank you, Lourdes Caamaño, for choosing the name of Jule's mate: Yully Hughes.

Take care in Afghanistan!

My heartfelt appreciation to:

Martha Schlegel

Gabby Warner

Shauna Rush

Sheila Johnson

Kelly Rubidoux

Carol Milne


Katie Bleil

Margarita Devora

Lourdes Caamaño

For your generous support of the Damian's Immortal project.

You all made Damian's Immortal possible, and I (and my thousands of readers!) thank you!

* * * * *

Damian's Immortal copyright December 2011 by Lizzy Ford

Cover art and design copyright 2011 by Dafeenah

* * * * *

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