Damian's Immortal (Chapter Eight, page 1 of 14)

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Yully spent the drive north learning how to manipulate her father's magics with his patient tips as guidance. She purposely kept her thoughts of what was to come-and her fear for Jule-at the back of her mind, instead filling it with her willingness to learn her trade.

Only when they reached the small bed and breakfast that was their destination did she cease practicing her magic. She was drained but more confident in her ability to use it. Yully stepped from the warm car into the cold night and followed her father into the inn.

"Change into something warm, my dear. We're going to the site tonight."

"Father, I'm tired."

"Do as you're told." The edge in his voice made her hasten her step, and she followed the chauffeur carrying her trunk into a small room.

She took a moment to adapt to the new glimmers of energy in the room before changing into warmer clothes and her heavy coat. She armed herself, not willing to be caught off guard, then joined her father in the tiny foyer. He led her into the cold night and back to the car.

They didn't drive long, and the car pulled off to the side of the road. Yully looked around curiously, not recognizing the sloping hill before them. The scent of the ocean was on the air, and the area in front of them was guarded by tourist police while tourists camped out in small tents up and down the road.

"Take my hand," her father instructed. "We'll become invisible to them." At his words, a rush of cold magic filled her.

Doubtful, she winced as they approached tourists and police alike, waiting for someone to stop them, and fearful of what her father would do if someone did. They moved through the people with ease and walked up the low hill. When she reached the crest, she recognized the sight before her.

Ballynoe. The ancient megalith pulsed with power older than that of her father's. Mesmerized, she missed her step, and her father continued without her to the center of the landmark. It was like watching a spark grow into a flame. He glowed white-purple, and the hill beneath her trembled.

The power beckoned to her, and she obeyed. Her first step into the structure filled her with its power. Yully struggled to control it and then surrendered. She closed her eyes to the gentle flow and strange sensations: Jule's warmth, her father's hot-cold rain, the ancient power of the ruins.

"It's welcoming you." Her father's voice warbled as if through water. "Tomorrow, on the equinox, it'll be so powerful, it will sing to you."

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