Muse Power: How Recreational Music Making Heals Depression and Other Symptoms of Modern Culture (Chapter 1, page 1 of 18)

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Chapter 1

“What a grip this techno world has on me... and I don't even want it! I seem to think I should know better, but I am doing it, looking always for that next fix. Everything in between is full of an absence of connection to life. Sometimes I think maybe I am swimming in this silly world just to get a feel for the milleu, so that I can help rescue others later. It's creepy, and It's very real Christina Bertellini, Boulder, CO

“I feel disconnected from community, isolated, lost, lonely, confused, overwhelmed. Have felt disconnected here for 18 years, but things like work, caring for elderly parents, take my mind off of it. It usually comes back to feeling isolated.”


“How to live in this world but not of it now... I do hope I can get a handle on it myself soon. Because this world and it's ways has tired me really. Everything seems to be just a band-aid sometimes. I imagine myself heading for the hills more frequently. This tangled web I find myself in seems to get tighter & appears to lead to a more neurotic type of society.” JS

The modern world we live in is a fascinating and mysterious place. We can travel to and communicate from the most remote parts of the globe in less time than it once took to go a hundred miles. We can cook food in under a minute, when it once took maybe an hour or more to make the fire, boil water, and cook it. Our bodies get propelled thru space in vehicles that offer the convenience of going farther, faster than our ancestors ever dreamed possible. The wisdom and knowledge of the entire world is now at our fingertips and easily accessible. Every aspect of human life has been touched and affected by modern culture from our relationships to the earth, to our relationships with each other, our cosmos, God and any and everything in between.

Somewhere along the way in this amazing journey, we’ve lost touch with something. There is a lost connection to ourselves, to our communities, and to a greater understanding of what it is to be a human living with other humans on planet earth.

In a relatively short period of time, we have developed a very different way of life than our recent ancestors had. It’s staggering, really, to consider that as recently as 200 years ago we were living very different lives than most of us in the western world are living now. I am most certainly grateful for the opportunities that I have had in my life that the technology and advances of the past century have brought, and certainly am not going to be one who says, “Let’s go back in time.” The “good old days” may seem ideal and attractive to those scourged by modern culture, but the fantasy is always better than the reality, and most people in today’s world would find it very challenging to live the way our great grandparents did. I do, however, advocate taking the best of all worlds possible and being more active and creative with how we move into the future. Especially since we now have the wisdom of the past and the whole world at our fingertips, along with the technology to project into the future to understand the potential impacts of practically any chosen course of action! It would seem purely ignorant to not begin to cultivate a middle ground that integrates what works into our world, and carefully removes those pieces that are causing sickness, disease and malignancies.

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