Muse Power: How Recreational Music Making Heals Depression and Other Symptoms of Modern Culture (Chapter 2, page 1 of 14)

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Chapter 2

"I love how music is such a good way to connect to the human race."Lauren Clark, Boulder, CO

"Music and dance are the multidimensional languages of the soul.

Only they can successfully communicate the FEELING of human. Only they can communicate the emotions of what it means to be more than human. Only they can send a reciprocal feedback of vibrations that may manifest our deepest feelings with other-worldly sentience and lay out a field of possibilities for what's to come. This multi-dimensional reciprocality is the language of the future, which we are creating together right now. Thought manifests silently, language communicates linearly, but music and the movement of dance speak on a multi-dimensional level that encompasses us whole. Let us evolve together, for there is so much to create, so much to feel, so much to become."-Stephiniti

"Music is a language that everyone speaks. Rhythm has the potential to harmonize, unify and take us to a new world that could promote peace, harmony and human connection."-Christine Stevens

The human connection: an indescribable experience that is necessary for the health and well being of any individual. It has been defined as the interaction between humans, also the interaction between humans and our environments, between humans and the divine, as recognition of each other as thinking and feeling beings, and as the vital social education that we need in order to survive and thrive in community. It defies full definition, as some part of it is more of a feeling, a deep inner awareness that one is not alone, that there are others sharing in the multi-dimensional experience of being human. It's what makes us cry in a touching scene in a movie, or feel angry about injustice to someone we may not even know personally in a land far away, or even a time gone past. It is what makes us concerned for the future of our planet and our children.

The human connection is that place in us that resonates with the experiences of others, and that can "feel" the pain or the joy of someone else's reality. The human connection can never be replaced by technology and can have no real or effective substitute in our lives. The virtual world, connecting "online" is trying to provide a piece of it, but simply can not take the place of real face to face sharing and being together. It is this basic human need that our modern world is robbing us of on many levels, and it is the deep and undying inner desire for it that is pushing us to seek out more and new ways to connect. For some it is going to bars, for others it is church, for still others it may be the country clubs or social groups of some kind, regardless of the direction we go to seek it out, it is and always has been a natural part of our being as a social species.

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