Muse Power: How Recreational Music Making Heals Depression and Other Symptoms of Modern Culture (Dedication and Thanks, page 1 of 1)

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I dedicate this book to the Children of the Light all over the world who know the power in unity and in empowering each other to fully express themselves in community thru music and love.

*To all those who have experienced some part of themselves thru music and/or rhythm.

*To those who feel the pulse of rhythm and dance *To the drummers of the world *To the dancers, the singers, and the poets in all of us..

*To those who have touched the intangible through Rhythm and know that it holds a mystery for us to be enchanted by.

*To all of you.. this book is for you… This sharing is for the Muse that lives inside each one of us in unique ways.

I give great gratitude to:

-the Creator of Life for this opportunity to dance in flesh on the Earth

-my parents, Lois & Barry Lunn, for their teachings and bringing me into this earth

-my good friends Amy Miller & Morgan Ryan for gifting me the opportunity to be warm while focusing my time and energy on this project

-my beloved, Jessee Layton, who has afforded me the luxury of time to write and create, and who has supported me in coming fully back to my passion thru music & drumming

-my students and friends who inspire and encourage me -my mentors and co-creators of this movement: Jeff Magnus McBride, Abigal Spinner, Adam Fleisher, Jimmy and Morwen Two Feathers, Imani, the whole Santa Cruz Firedance community, and Graywolf & Brigha

Most of all, I give thanks to the Ultimate spirit of LOVE which has guided me to this path and been my deepest teacher thru countless hours of observation of myself, the dancers, and the power of rhythm to melt all illusion.

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