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Chapter 6

Wanda’s call energized me—few could resist her upbeat attitude. So I decided to go see Hale at the pizza place. He might be able to help me track down that cocaine. I also needed to get some cash so I could pay Uncle Carl for his guitar.

As I walked through the motel parking lot to get to my car, my eyes were drawn to another vehicle, a few spaces down from mine. The first unusual thing about it was that it was parked backwards, facing out. Also, there was someone sitting in it. But the thing that really caught my eye was the fact that this person was reading a newspaper, holding it up so high that the paper filled the front and side windows of the car, blocking all view.

I walked past the car a bit more slowly and kept it in the corner of my eye. Everything about the car screamed surveillance—bad surveillance. Whoever was behind that newspaper was watching, prepared to move quickly. But this person was being too obvious—no one could fail to notice.

So imagine my surprise when I got in my car, pulled out onto the road, then saw that car pull out behind me. I was the one being followed! The driver was disguised with a hat pulled down to his eyes and big wrap-around sunglasses.

Who had hired him? The only person I could think of was Bea, but I doubted she’d hire someone so incompetent. Unless she wanted me to know I was being followed. That would be like her.

I also wondered if this was mere coincidence. Had I left the motel just as this person’s real target was departing? I decided to experiment, making random turns as I drove. I even did a full circle of four right turns around a block. Unfortunately, the car followed me everywhere I went.

I had intended to go visit Hale, but I definitely didn’t need to bring this tailer with me, so I called him up. “Hale, I need your advice. I’m on the road now, and someone’s following me.”

“Can you get me a license plate? I’ve got access to the DMV.” That was easy. Mr. Bad Surveillance was keeping way too close, affording me a perfect view. A few minutes later, Hale started to laugh.

“What’s so funny? Am I being tailed by a circus clown?”

“Just about. It’s that idiot, Victory Vance.” He laughed some more.

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