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Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, there was an executives meeting at XYZ Studios. Their latest film, Ultimate Warrior 3, had just bombed at the box office. Because of that and other failed ventures, the studio was facing impending bankruptcy.

"We need an idea to keep this company open. A fresh idea. Something that will sell tickets. I don't need to remind you that your futures, as well as that of this company, rest in your next decision."

After the meeting, Jason Williams, one of the executives, overheard some of the interns talking in the break room.

"Did you see Rock of Love last night? Elizabeth is smoking hot."

"Yeah, but she's nothing compared to Chelsie on Dancing with the Stars. What I wouldn't give to be her partner, if you know what I mean."

"You guys are pigs. Now, Domenic from Big Brother, now there's a hottie."

That's when an idea came to Jason. He did some research into reality television, what kinds of shows there were, what was done on those shows. Then, he researched possible locations for such a movie.

The next day, the executives met to discuss ideas.

"How about we try Ultimate Warrior 4. Only this time, we go back to the roots. No trying to change what worked in the past."

"Are there any bright ideas here?"

That's when Jason spoke up. "I've got an idea. Something that's never been tried before. What's the most popular trend in entertainment today? Reality television. And yet, no one has tried to make a reality movie. I think we should be the first."

"Go on. What did you have in mind?"

"Well, we get a bunch of people together and try to play matchmaker, sort of like The Bachelor. Actually, more like what Temptation Island was like."

"Keep going. Sounds good so far."

"We can do it on a limited budget. No high-figure salaries for major celebrities. The only person we would need to hire would be a host. I've already found the perfect place to film. I have talked with a hotel in the area that is willing to help us at a discounted rate for the free publicity."

"Looks like we got ourselves an idea. Get to work on the plans and how we are going to get our cast."

The next day, Jason sat down and came up with the storyline behind Heartbreak Hotel, as he called it. There would be fifteen men and fifteen women. They would go on a series of group dates to see who, if any, they found a connection with. After that would be a series of eliminations. After that, they would go on a series of one-on-one dates. Finally, a decision would be made if the couples would continue seeing each other after they left.

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