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The producers of The Bachelor were at a crossroads as to who to make the next Bachelor. They were used to choosing one of those rejected from the previous season. This season, however, they wanted to get a fresh face.

That's when one of them mentioned Brian.

"I just saw this movie Heartbreak Hotel. And there was this one guy, Brian, who got eliminated way too early. He had the personality we were looking for." She played a clip form the movie.

"Yeah, but look at him. I mean, he's no Brad or Leo."

That's when she showed the other producers some of the e-mails from ladies across the country who were recommending him.

"But he's not handsome. He's not rich. He's not The Bachelor mold. People tune in to see beautiful people, not him."

"You'd be surprised. All my girlfriends say they wish they could meet that good guy to go out with. Judging by his performance, he's as good as it gets."

After much debate, it was decided that Brian would be the next Bachelor. They contacted XYZ Studios to get permission to use Brian and to get his contact information.

The next day, they called Brian.

"Hello. Is this Brian?"

"Yes, this is Brian?"

"I'm calling from The Bachelor. We saw you in Heartbreak Hotel, and we want you to be the next Bachelor."

"Tony, is this you? I mean, the least you could've done was say you were from Average Joe." Brian hung up.

A few minutes later, they called him back.

"Brian? This is no joke. We really do want you to be the next Bachelor."

"But why me? I mean, I've seen the show, and I look nothing like anyone one that show."

"That's exactly the reason. We're trying to break the mold. We received so many recommendations for you. You're the nice guy every woman wants."

"If you knew my life, you'd know that's not true."

"That's the thing. We saw the movie. We know what kind of person you are. So will the ladies."

After a few minutes of negotiating, they agree to fly Brian out to Los Angeles to go over the details. Now, it was up to the network to pick the right ladies for the mansion. They decided not to inform them of who the bachelor would be.

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