Reality Check (CHAPTER SIX, page 1 of 2)

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Back at the Heartbreak Hotel, it's Day Three. No group dates. Just the remaining guests getting to know each other.

At dinner, Austin came in at dessert time. "Okay guests. It's time to pair up for your next group date. This time, it's gentleman's choice. And gentlemen, you cannot choose a lady that you were grouped with yesterday."

They lined up on opposite sides of the dining room. One by one, the gentlemen chose their dates. Samantha was chosen by Patrick about midway through. At the end, there was one lady left alone, since Brian was gone.

An hour later, Samantha returned to her room, only to see a note taped to her door. She looked at the note and saw that she was going on the 'Adventurous Date' in the morning. It also said to wear tennis shoes and shorts/pants.

The next day, she dressed accordingly. She knew the type of date, but not just what kind of adventure it will be. At the hotel lobby, she saw Patrick and the rest of her group. She also saw that Jeremy was in the same group. They loaded into a van and departed for their destination.

They arrived at the Antigua Rainforest Canopy Tour. They paired up immediately. Patrick paired with Samantha.

Samantha had a spontaneous nature, but she also had a fear of heights. The first thing she saw was a suspension bridge, kind of like the one in Indiana Jones. She was nervous at first. Patrick was halfway across the bridge when he noticed that Samantha had yet to step onto it. He went back for her and helped her across.

Next was a zip line over a gorge. Fear came back. Patrick seemed to tire of her and went ahead.

Jeremy noticed this and told his date to go on ahead. He stayed behind to talk her into it. He helped her into her harness. After a minute of deliberation, she jumped. She flew over the gorge. She felt a rush like she had never felt before. She let out a scream of excitement when she reached the other side.

When Jeremy reached the other side, she ran to him and threw her arms around him. She felt a trust in him like no other.

There were other zip lines and suspension bridges on this tour. With each one, there was less apprehension. By the time she reached the last one, she all but ran to the front of the line to go.

After a brief lunch, they moved on to a series of rope courses. Jeremy was there by her side as they traversed each of those.

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