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Over the next few months, the film was edited. Finally, at the first of the year, Heartbreak Hotel was set for release.

During this time, Samantha had moved to San Antonio to be with Jeremy. Once the movie ended, they had kept in touch by phone. He had flown to Prairie du Chien to see her and met her family. A few weeks later was when he asked her to move in with him.

At the same time, Brian was struggling with life. His work was suffering as he dealt with the blow of being rejected so early in the project. He was seeing a therapist. He had lost interest in reality television, having lived the lifestyle.

A grand premiere was set for the release of the movie. All thirty residents of the Hotel were invited. Those who found success, and those who did not.

Brian was reluctant to go. He was making progress in his therapy and was afraid that this would drive him back to depression. He was still safe to walk the streets of Bismarck, since they didn't know he was in the movie. That would end soon.

After much thought, he decided to go. Samantha and Jeremy needed little time to think about it.

Since he left Antigua, Brian had tried calling the number Samantha had slipped him. He never got a response. Eventually, he got a disconnect notice after she moved.

Once he arrived at the premiere, he saw why he got no response. He saw Samantha and Jeremy together. He did get a hug from her, as well as a few others from the show. Though they did not finish with anyone, everyone came to the premiere with dates. Everyone, that is, except Brian.

The movie showed the best in Brian in his short stay. It also showed each group date and select one-on-one dates. They did not show Samantha's date with Alex, but did show hers with Jeremy.

Everyone enjoyed the movie. Well, maybe not everyone. Brian was not happy with the ending.

The following Friday, the movie was released to the general public. The reality concept was a huge hit, making it the number one movie of the weekend.

Despite his early exit, Brian was still entitled to the same one percent of the gross profits that the other twenty-nine received. As expected, he was well recognized in Bismarck. Yet he still couldn't get as much as a sympathy date. That would change very soon.

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