Reality Check (CHAPTER EIGHT, page 1 of 2)

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At breakfast the next day, the men sized up their choices. Once they were done eating, Austin walked in.

"Now, I need the men to line up on one side of the room, and the ladies on the other." Jeremy strategized and tried to get on an end. "We will start with Patrick and go down the line." Unfortunately, Jeremy was standing on the other end of the line.

Much to his dismay, Samantha was chosen by the time it was his to choose. She was chosen by Alex Jackson. He was with her on the Spa Date. Since she was taken, Jeremy chose Anna Villarreal, who was on his Ocean Date.

Samantha went on her date, but her heart just wasn't into it. Jeremy was the same. He tried to have fun with Anna, but it was no use. Neither was with the person they were meant to be with.

That night at dinner, the ladies were informed that tomorrow morning, it was their turn to choose. Samantha vowed to do whatever it took to get that alone time with Jeremy.

She talked with the other ladies to see who they had an interest in. Only one other, Vanessa Truex, said she would choose Jeremy.

The next morning, again after breakfast, Austin comes in.

"Okay. Now it's ladies choice for dates. We will go in the order the ladies were chosen yesterday." Vanessa was chosen after Samantha. That put a huge smile on Samantha's face.

When it was her turn to choose, she wasted little time in choosing Jeremy. In fact, she chose him by running to him and hugging him.

That afternoon, they enjoyed a nice dinner at Sheer. From there, they went for a night of dancing at The Coast. It was there that they shared their first kiss, a long, passionate kiss. They danced the night away.

The next morning, Austin informed them that at noon, they would have to make their final selection of whom they would like to consider seeing afterward, if anyone was available.

Samantha had long since made up her mind, as had Jeremy.

At noon, everyone met pool side. Austin had the ladies on one side of the pool, the gentlemen on the other. One by one, he called each ladies name.

"Remember what I said on day one? You may only make your choice from the five names you selected then." As he called their name, he read the names of the remaining choices that had made from Day One. Unfortunately, some of the ladies were unhappy with what was remaining and chose not to pick anyone, including Roxanne.

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