Journey Into the Deep (Chapter Five, page 2 of 5)

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"Why me Lord? Surely there is someone who is better than me!"

"Who is better than you, a man humble in spirit, but faithful in purpose. Eli, Eli, there is nothing that I cannot do through you, if you will only give me your freedom of choice as you did this day. Now get up valiant warrior for it is I, the Ancient of Days, who has given you strength and insight to accomplish what I have purposed for you to do. Even as I have purposed it, so shall it be done!"

I was thrust up to my feet from an unknown source and propelled toward the door of my cabin, even as a voice of Divine authority said, "Follow the star that I have provided to show you the hidden places of the Earth."

I exclaimed in horror, as if I felt guilty of a great crime, "I threw it away into the sea Lord!"

"That childish bauble cursed from its creation and inscribed with man's vanity! It is not a star, but only a cheap thing of no importance! Behold I have given you a true star to light your path! For do not I command the hosts of heaven even as I do the seas and the beasts of the earth?"

"Yes Lord!" I said in awed obedience, as I was driven from my cabin and up the ladder and out into the night air.

I grasped the railing, as I stared up into the sky full of stars overhead, but one stood out more than all the rest and it seemed low in the sky. It was moving steadily away from us.

I turned towards the bridge to see Big Jim manning the wheel alone in the dark, "Follow that star!" I cried out.

He nodded and surprised me by saying, "Yes my Captain!"

The Celestia's Prize hauled back around in the night as Big Jim spun the wheel to line up with the star that seemed to pause briefly for us in the night sky as if it was waiting for us to catch up. The star started to move again and Jim opened up the throttle to full and the Celestia's Prize surged forward slicing through the waves in pursuit of the star that kept pace ahead of the ship.

Like sleepwalkers the rest of the crew emerged out onto the deck to stare at the provided wonder in the night sky ahead of us. Matt came up alongside of me and I glanced at him to see him mesmerized by the star.

He said without looking at me, "I had a dream and now I'm awake only to realize that my dream is going to become a reality!"

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