Journey Into the Deep (Chapter Five, page 1 of 5)

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Faithful Servant

I heard laughter. The giggling sound of the merriment of children at play was suddenly very close and yet so far away in a sense. Beautiful melodies of sound that enrichened my soul with joy, as I recognized the sound of my daughters.

"I have not failed to keep the innocent young souls of your daughters or the soul of your first love who put her trust in Me. I am ever faithful even as you in the weakness brought on by your self-imposed distance from My strength and comfort have been faithful to Me once again. Well done thou good and faithful servant!"

"I'm not faithful! I ran from you God with all my might!" I exclaimed in brokenness.

"Yes you did and yet you did not outrun My grace. Are you not tired of being away from My comforting presence? Do you not mourn the loss of My presence, even as you continue to mourn the loss of your family? Stop and know My love for you has never diminished. Come back into My presence Eli and let Me heal your pain and mend your heart and cause a new day to dawn in your life filled with new joys and a new purpose. Stop your wondering in the wilderness of your desolation and feel My peace, even as I lead you to a good place. Allow yourself to fall in love with Me all over again and be no more alone or haunted by what once was, but is no more."

Crying and jerking with emotion I fell off the cot onto the floor. I pressed my face into the floor and choked out, "Please let it be so Lord of my life! I can't go on like this anymore! I would rather die in this instant than go on one more moment feeling empty and barren of life, because I'm not right with you!"

I felt the warm presence of love pressed down from above fill me. A love I had been so long without and I cried all the bitterness's of my life out into the floor, until I was spent with exhaustion.

I don't know how much later it was as I lay collapsed of all energy upon the floor, but I felt the impression of the Creator of all life once more upon me as I heard, "That which your hand finds to do, do with all your might."

I swallowed and asked, "What is it you want me to do Lord?"

"Loosen the bonds of those who are afflicted. Give the people that have no place to lay their head a home of their own. Abolish the ways of wickedness and find a place of your own in the land that I will show you even as I deliver your enemies into your hand thou righteous servant of the Most High. Only be faithful as you were today and I will do all this and more for I am faithful to deliver those who put their trust in Me, even as I will give you a place of honor in the Kingdom to come."

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