Journey Into the Deep (Chapter Four, page 1 of 4)

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Decision Made

I waited till we were two days at sea, before I disclosed what we were after. The only one of the crew not shocked was Big Jim. I don't think anything could ever truly shock him.

I watched Ortega's and Flynn's eyes light up like Christmas lights at the sound of Atlantis. Serena looked worried, while Christina actually looked a little excited.

I didn't tell them about possible encounters with giants upon our arrival to the core of the Earth or that we could possibly discover our deaths in boiling hot magma. That would all come in time. For right now all I had to do was figure out how to get there, which I had no clue how to accomplish.

I designated that chore to Matt. He had the job of figuring out the crystal and the metallic petals and how they could be used as a navigational guide, while I took us along the general path that the fleet would've had to of taken, at least, initially.

Three long days later saw Matt no closer to solving the riddle of the Orlanis Star. I was in a thunderous mood and I kept to myself to avoid lashing out at anybody. Ortega made the mistake of approaching once and I wasn't nice.

I had a very bad temper and this endless sailing around, while precious time wasted away, was doing me no good. I left the bridge and went to my cabin to be in seclusion, only there was nothing to do.

I craved peace of any kind, but there wasn't any to be found. I glanced at the drawer of my desk and contemplated its contents for a moment. It certainly couldn't hurt.

I went to the desk and ripped the drawer open and took out the worn Bible and lay down on my cot and began to read in Psalms. I found a measure of peace as I went through psalm after psalm, as if I'd found an old friend I hadn't seen in a long time.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

I jumped out of my cot startled and the Bible that had been lying open on my chest went flying, but I caught it before it hit the floor. I set it down on the desk as I went to the door. I hadn't meant to fall asleep, but apparently I had.

I opened the door to see a nervous looking Christina cower back from me slightly. I focused on looking calm as I didn't like the fact that she saw something in me to be scared of, "What's the matter?" I asked.

She pointed upwards and said, "Matt thinks he solved it."

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