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Cast of Characters in the series Destiny Bay~Baby Dreams

Edward Carrington, wealthy entrepreneur,
and Adele Bennington Carrington parents of:

Ross Carrington ~investor and turn-around artist, especially in restaurants and shopping parks
Charity Ames ~restauranteur extraordinaire, who's been looking for love in all the wrong places.
Mason Ames ~Charity's brother who is a sort of international ski bum and friend to people like Scott Carrington. A playboy with a heart of gold.
Aunt Doris ~a surrogate mother for Charity, catalyst for the marriage hoax.
Faith Ames -Charity's older sister who always lands on her feet
Tag Carrington -he lives mostly on his boat but is now married to Mickey.
Mickey (Adams) Carrington -owner and proprietor of Mickey's on the Bay, a local café where the Carringtons tend to hang out. She's mother of:
Meggie Adams -Mickey's adorable three year old
Amity Crane -new girl in town with a suspicious fascination for Carrington men.
Marlena Carrington -Ross's sister, runs a temporary employment agency.
Carrie (Harlow) Carrington -Grant Carrington's wife, asking Ross's help.
Terry (Yardley) Carrington -Rick Carrington's wife, ex-butler.

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