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Chapter 3

Gladys left the room and returned to the balcony. The sun reflected off the water and she could hear the crash of waves on the shore. This was her best place in the house and it was especially soothing when she could feel the ocean breeze on her face. And boy, did she need some calm. She‘d scaled through the Zenon Oil aptitude test and the next stage interview was in a couple of hours.

She was already dressed and wished the time would pass faster. She stalked back into the room to the opposite window with a view to the street. This was her first proper interview since she arrived, though she‘d taken other tests. She had also met personnel people in the course of answering adverts for vacancies and submitting her resume to offices herself.

Her aunt knocked on the bedroom door and entered.

“Good morning.” Gladys sank to the nearest bed and fastened the small buckles on her black sensible shoes with a tremble in her fingers.

“Good morning dear.” Her aunt sat down on the other bed. “How are you?”

“I can‘t really say; I‘ve been preparing for this interview but now I‘m so nervous. I don‘t want to disappoint my lecturer who recommended me to them.”

“You may not realize it but whatever impressed your lecturer will ensure you perform very well. Don‘t be too anxious; I know you‘ll do well. I came to wish you luck.”

“Thanks.” Gladys stood up and adjusted the front panel of the skirt suit she had decided on. Her hands rested on it for a moment as her tummy knotted in apprehension.

Aunt Isioma noticed. “Don‘t you worry; sometimes nerves bring out the best in us.”

Gladys followed her out of the room and downstairs. “I do feel better now, thanks.”

“Do you need a driver to take you? Ade is not busy now.”

“No… the venue is not far. The short walk will enable me gather my thoughts.”

“OK, bye dear.” Her aunt turned into the kitchen while she continued to the front door.

Gladys soon left the house, walking towards Bar Beach by Akin Adesola Street. The trek wouldn‘t take more than ten minutes if she detoured off Ahmadu Bello Way to get to the interview venue at Zenon Oil and Gas corporate headquarters on Tiamiyu Savage Street. Her job search was progressing well, if not as fast as she would have wanted. But there were people who remained applicants for several years so she shouldn‘t complain of not finding a job in just over a month. She was startled out of her reverie when a black Mercedes zoomed close by her.

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