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Chapter 6

Gladys rushed around the room getting ready for an evening with Edward. This was their first dinner, and she felt as excited as she had felt on the night at the cocktail party. That night had been magical and made her smile each time she recalled it. Edward had been so attentive and courteous, it blew her away that he had noticed her fear of thunderstorms. They‘d been dating for a while now and he continued to be caring and attentive. The wonderful feeling of mutual attraction still made her tipsy each time they spoke on the phone or met for a quick lunch or movie. She waltzed round the room happily but stopped short when Bunmi staggered in through the door.

The maid‘s arms were loaded with freshly washed and ironed clothes. “Madam is calling you,” she said, moving towards the wardrobe to hang up the clothes.

“Is there anyone else downstairs?” Gladys asked, putting on her lipstick.

“Yes, there is a man with her in the parlor.”

“Edward‘s here already? Oh my God, I‘m late.” Gladys groaned out loud.

“I can help you get ready, auntie,” Bunmi suggested.

“Thanks… please bring out those high-heeled black shoes and polish them for me.”

She was ready in the next five minutes, and looked back at the smiling face of Bunmi with gratitude as she walked downstairs.

When Gladys entered the room, Edward stood up immediately and walked to her side.

“Hello, beautiful.” He stopped up close to her with a big smile on his face. She looked very pretty in a pink floral print wraparound dress with a ruffled v-neck. He pulled his eyes away from the cleavage framed by the neckline and to her smile.

“Hi, Edward,” she whispered back.

“Shall we go?” He extended an arm. He would be the most envied guy in the restaurant to have her with him tonight looking the way she was.

Gladys addressed her aunt. “We‘ll be leaving now.”

“Edward, it‘s been nice talking with you again. Please take care of her for me, OK? Don‘t be out too late.”

“You don‘t have to worry about that. She‘s in safe hands.”

“Then have a nice time, my dears.”

When they got outside, Edward settled her comfortably in the passenger seat of the car before he went over to his side, and they drove away. Edward preferred not to talk much while driving and so her thoughts drifted from the cool interior of the car. Gladys thought about a conversation she had with Aunt Isioma about Edward. Though they‘d only met at the cocktail party, her aunt always looked forward to hearing about her dates with Edward and what was happening with them. His wealth and status made Aunt Isioma suspect his motives. She warned that because Edward was a very eligible bachelor, he might have playboy tendencies.

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