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Chapter 10

The next three hours were hectic. The interviewer brought a camera crew who set up in the middle of the living room, while the photographer complained the whole time about the furniture not being right. Lisa couldn't see what was wrong with it. It was very comfortable, and larger so that it was a nice place for a nap or to curl up with a book. The interviewer asked about his new record and about the upcoming tour. He asked also about the rumors surrounding the old guitarist. Michael answered diplomatically saying that they had a difference of opinion regarding the music, and the they had decided to go their separate ways.

Then, of course there were the questions about Lisa. The interviewer asked first how they had met, then about their seeming whirlwind romance. All these questions were easily answered. Then he asked about the new story that had come out today that Lisa was just using Michael to cover for the lesbian relationship she was having. At this, Lisa leaped to her feet.

"What? Where in the world did you get that from?" Lisa asked, outraged.

"It is a story that came out this afternoon. Your ex-fiancee said that was why he broke it off. He states that he was being paid off while you two were together to keep it quiet, but now he felt he had to tell the truth. Is there any truth to this?" The interviewer seemed to enjoy the tension he was causing.

"It is not at all true. I think you know me well enough, Jim, to know that I wouldn't date a woman just to help her cover something up. Plus the fact that right after the pictures of Lisa and I together first surfaced, he called Lisa and threatened her if she didn't pay him off. She of course knew that any respectable publication would not listen to any of the drivel that came out of his mouth. It sounds a little shady to me that suddenly he is doing this when he sees she is happy with a real man. I refuse to hear any other accusations about the woman I love. Unless you think she is paying me off, or that I am a fool that is being used." Michael said, obviously issuing a challenge to the interviewer.

"No, of course not, Michael, but you know how it goes, the front office required that I ask. But now I know for sure that it is all a lie. Okay, next question." He said, quickly moving on.

Lisa was so upset that Ben would try something so low. She knew that he was desperate for money, but to say this. Lisa took a few deep breaths to calm herself. She would not let these little thing get to her. What mattered was what she and Michael knew to be the truth. She loved him and if he loved her, he would stand beside her.

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