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Chapter 6

"Or it could be bad for you. Maybe they will say I got you on the rebound and corrupted you. I like that better." Michael told her.

"Did you know you are one of the top three on my list?" Lisa asked out of nowhere.

"What list?" Michael asked as he put his arm around her and pulled her in to him.

"My list of guys I would give myself to. I thought there was no way I would ever meet you, much less have you talk to me if we did ever run into each other, so I thought it was a safe list." Lisa told him, unashamed.

"Really, but I am not at the top of your list? Who outranked me?" Micheal asked, sounding like he was truly interested.

"George Clooney and Brad Pitt. I think I am going to make the list just you now though. Who needs those other two when I have the best one right here." She loved the feel of cuddling into his warmth.

"Well, that is good to know. I would hate to lose you if you happened to be at the same function as George or Brad. They are nice guys though. I got to meet them on their last movie. I did the soundtrack for it. They were a lot of fun." Michael said.

"I know. I have the CD in my car and on my mp3 player. Which reminds me, what was the song you were singing when I interrupted you in the shower?"

"Just a little something I am thinking about premiering on tour. I have to work out some of the lines, but I will let you hear it as soon as I finish it." Michael told her.

"That would be great. So, what do you have planned for today? I am not keeping you away from something you should be doing, am I? Lisa asked.

"Not at all. I am going to take this day just to relax and talk with you. How does that sound?" Michael asked her.

"Wow, I get your undivided attention for the whole day? I am going to enjoy this." Lisa said.

They spent the next two days getting to know each other better. Michael told her about growing up in foster care, and how he met Greta and Jason. The last foster family he had been with had included the two of them, and they had become friends quickly, so when Michael's career took off and he knew he was going to need help, they were the first people he called. He couldn't trust some one to protect him or do as good of a job of keeping his business in line than the couple.

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