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Chapter 7

They spent the car ride back talking about a cover story to tell people how they met and where. The only people who knew where Lisa has gone were her parents, so she could count on them to cover for her. They all agreed that Lisa's parents would know the truth, but everyone else could be fed a version of their making. After laughs about saying they had met at a religious retreat, "Yeah, anyone is going to believe Michael went to a religious retreat and didn't get kicked out" to stating that they had met in Brazil at a nudist beach, "No one is going to believe that Lisa, the ice queen, got naked in front of a crowd." they finally decided on a very simple story.

Lisa had decided she needed the time away after the mess made by the jerk she was going to marry and decided to have a nice quiet vacation in the Bahamas. Michael had been there partying, and they had met by chance one night at a restaurant. Michael had recognized her and decided to see if she would melt for him, she had recognized him and thought it would be fun to cause a small scandal if anyone saw them together and they began to talk. They shared a meal and decided they liked each other enough to start dating. Now they just wanted to be left alone to see if their romance could work.

This little story was being sent to Michael's PR firm, and Lisa was going to tell her parents so if anyone asked, all the stories matched. It was a little exciting for Lisa, she knew everyone was going to think she had gone wild, and decided to rebel against the goody two-shoes image she had always been given. She mention this to the other passengers.

They all laughed. "Maybe I should get a tattoo, and be seen drunk in a bar, then everyone would be talking about how you have corrupted me." She told Michael.

"Well, you could do that, or I can start staying home or just going out with you, never be seen drinking and partying, and then everyone would say that you have made me settle down and change my ways."

"Let's not get to crazy, either one of you. Lisa, stay the same as you always have been. You are such a sweetheart. You know the paparazzi are going to be watching every move you make now, trying to find a way to make you look bad. I hope you are ready for this. It does get intense at times, with the fans and the critics. You are going to be the first serious relationship Michael has had since he became famous. I know you have had to live the last few years with your life being on display, but now it will be under a microscope. The press is going to report Michael cheating on you every other week, so I want you to prepare yourself." Greta told her.

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