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Chapter 1

Lisa packed her bags and looked around the room, trying to make sure she hadn't forgotten anything. It was the last day of her vacation, and it was time to start the drive home. This trip to the mountains had been just what she needed. It was her chance to forget the disaster that had been her engagement party. The society papers had a field day when her fiancee had shown up at the party drunk with another woman, proclaiming to everyone that he had been forced to find another woman to fulfill his needs because she was a cold fish who refused to sleep with him before they were married. Lisa thought she would die from embarrassment.

Everyone who knew the 27 year old knew she wasn't the typical party girl, she enjoyed going out like the rest of her friends and dating, but her parents had instilled in her a strict moral code. She had stay out of the gossip columns because they could find nothing to report on her. The worst they had found was that she was at the same club one night when a friend of hers had gotten into a fight, getting herself thrown out. If she started a relationship with a man, she made it clear she wasn't going to sleep with them until she was married. It led to her not having many long term relationships, but she stuck to her morals.

Lisa had thought Ben was different. All through their two year relationship, he had reassured her of his respect for her beliefs. It turned out he was just saying that so he could marry into her family's money. It had come out after the party that he was practically broke, and his parents had cut him off, so he needed to keep her happy and get into some money. All this had been spread out for the world to see in every gossip column in the country. After two weeks of everyone trying to hide everything from her, and some crazy stalker letters offering to teach her how to not be an ice queen, as the press called her, she decided enough was enough and headed for a small but nice mountain retreat.

The advertisements promised a quiet, out of the way vacation, and this was not the kind of place anyone in her group would go, so she knew it was perfect. It was the off season, so there had been very few guests at the small resort, and either the staff really didn't read the papers, or they were just discreet enough not to mention it. No one had bothered her for the entire two weeks she was here. Lisa made a note to be sure to add the place to her regular vacation destinations. One she would visit alone.

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