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Chapter 9

Lisa's morning was hectic. While she was away, she had missed a board meeting, and even though she normally didn't attend them, she always had final approval over any changes that were called for. She had to go over every line of the meeting, because some of the shareholders were calling for an acquisition of another company. Lisa had to go over the files she had on the state of the other company and rather she could turn it around and make a profit on it. After four hours of conference calls, product analysis, and just plain research, she approved the boards plans to make the bid. Her secretary had been giving her looks all morning, and Lisa was just waiting for her to burst with the questions.

Finally, when 10:00 hit, she had finished the paperwork and was ready for a break. She hit the button to call her secretary. Suzanne, could you please grab us each a cup of tea and come in here for a few moments?" Lisa knew if she didn't answer the questions soon, her poor friend was going to die.

"Right away, Ms. Stevens." Suzanne called back.

Suzanne had been with Lisa since she had started her business. She was just a year younger than Lisa, but was married with two kids. Suzanne was the closest thing Lisa had that could be called a friend. She was always there to talk to, and she didn't mind saying what she thought, even if it wasn't something Lisa wanted to hear.

Suzanne came practically barreling through the door, knowing it was time to gossip. Suzanne wasn't the type to spread rumors, but she said all the time she loved to hear about Lisa's life. She told her she could live vicariously through her stories.

"Okay, dish." Suzanne said as she handed her boss the cup of tea.

"My vacation was nice. It felt good to just relax and turn off the cell phone." Lisa said, knowing that wasn't what Suzanne wanted to hear.

"Oh yes, I am sure. Did you see anything interesting while there? Maybe meet a guy?" Suzanne said, playing along.

"Well, there was this one guy. No one you would have heard of though. He seems pretty nice." Lisa was playing it cool. "What did you do while I was gone?"

"I didn't get hookup with a rock star, that's for sure. I couldn't believe my eyes this morning when I opened the newspaper and saw my boss kissing my future husband." Suzanne told her.

"I thought you were happy with Curtis." Lisa said.

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