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Chapter 4

Melissa got off the phone with her parents who seemed relieved that she was safe. Apparently, this storm was promising to be a major one. Roads were closed, and alerts were going up all around the area about ice forming on electric poles and taking out power through out the area. Lisa was glad she had found Micheal's house. She could have very well frozen stuck in her car if she had decided to wait for someone to drive by. It was really nice to be able to talk to Michael. He was not at all what she thought he would be like. He was a handsome man, no denying that. She had his latest CD in her car,and she knew most of the songs by heart. She wasn't about to admit that to him.

She had always thought of him as the typical rock star. Drugs, drinking, women, and rude behavior was what she had always heard about him. But in truth he seemed like a sweet, sober guy with a sense of humor. Lisa hoped he never found out he was at the top of her list of guys she would break her vow of no sex before marriage for. Lisa didn't think it really counted though, because she had figured she would never meet him. What was next, Brad Pitt and George Clooney walk in together? Lisa would really be in trouble then. She could mark off the top three in one day. "Okay that is enough" Lisa said as her mind began picturing Michael naked.

"Did you get a hold of your family?" Michael asked coming into the room with another tray, this one had a cake and coffee.

"Yes, thank you so much. They were beginning to worry, so it was nice to be able to put their minds at ease." Lisa sat down on the floor in front of the fire like Michael had. "So tell me some more about you." Lisa said taking the plate and coffee.

"Oh, my favorite subject." Michael said with a laugh.

The two of them spent the next several hours talking about their selves, comparing likes and dislikes, and just getting to know each other better. Lisa discovered they both liked to read, and that Michael has graduated top of his class from Julliard. Both of them seemed to have several people they associated with, but Lisa didn't have any real friends while Michael considered Jason and Greta as his two best friends. The more they talked, the more they realized how much they had in common.

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