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Chapter 5

Lisa sat down and thought about what had happened and what he had said. She didn't think she would ever be as turned on by another man as she was by him. He could send her heart into overdrive with just a touch. She admitted she wanted him, more than anything else, but she had promised herself she would wait for the right man. Why did that have to mean marriage though? Lisa felt if she didn't take advantage of this opportunity, she may never get a chance to experience it again. Plus he was on her list.

Before she could talk herself out of it, Lisa walked into the bathroom where she heard the sounds of running water and heard Michael singing a touching ballad. As she undressed she realized he was singing a song for her. Her heart did a flip, and she braced herself. She pulled back the curtain and Michael stopped sing and looked at her in surprise. She stepped into the steamy shower and took the bar of soap he had been using to wash with and began rubbing it over his body.

He was magnificent. His muscles were toned and tanned, he had one small line of hair going from the middle of his chest down to his stomach and meeting with the hair that surrounded his manhood. His legs were well formed and long, Lisa could see no signs of fat on his frame. She ran her hands down his chest with the soap and then through the hair on his crotch. Then she put the soap down and began to run her hand up and down smoothly along his hard rod. Michael was breathing hard, and his leg muscles were shaking. She rinsed the soap away and took him into her mouth. Michael's legs seemed to almost give out as he leaned back against the back of the shower. Lisa could feel him grow harder in her mouth as she used her hands to play with the sack that rested underneath.

"Oh God, stop Lisa." Michael said as he gently pushed Melissa away from him. He took her hand and put it back on his organ and she gave a few more thrust as he came in her hand. "Oh, God, that was wonderful. I thought you had never done this before." Michael said after a minute of catching his breath.

"I haven't" Lisa told him. "But my friends do talk. I just have heard so many stories, and it just seemed to come naturally." Lisa was embarrassed that she had just given a guy a blow job in the shower.

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