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Chapter 10

'It's here! It's here!' squealed Chloe as she flew off her chair and out the doors onto the deck. With ponytails streaming behind her and little legs pumping she raced down the stairs and out ontothe wharf that fronted Ethan's house.

'What's up?'

'Beats me?'

Imogen and Darlene followed at a sedate pace both in the dark as to what "It" was.

"It" was a cruiser. At the helm was Ethan with a beaming smile practically splitting his face, his captain's cap at a jaunty angle.

'The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys.' Darlene muttered.

'Or is that size.' Imogen added for good reason.

They arrived at the end of the jetty just as Ethan maneuvered the sleek vessel rather roughly to stop beside them.

'Good thing it's got bumper thingos.' Imogen noted dryly, only just loud enough for a return snort from Darlene.

'Ahoy there, me hearties. Hey, wench! Catch this and make it fast.' Ethan's pirate accent was painful to hear.

As for what did he want me to do fast? Thought Imogen.

'Tie it up!' came the exasperated command in response to her nonplussed look.

'Oh you mean tie up the tinny.'

'A tinny! A tinny. This…my dear, is a boat.'

The desired affront achieved Imogen wound the thick rope around the pylon and made it fast.

Ethan then leapt onto the deck looking like a boy who had got just what he wanted from Santa, and then some. 'Come aboard if you dare!' With a flourish he indicated that the ladies were to join him on board.

First he lifted his eager daughter high and nimbly stepped onto the side and over, placing his precious cargo onto the deck with a kiss plum on her mouth before he let her go. With a decidedly impish grin and his eyes firmly on Imogene he asked. 'Who's next?'.

The lady in question couldn't help it. Her blood heated and flooded her face instantly at the thought.

'If you think I'm fool enough to let you lift me into that you've got another think coming.' Darlene affirmed.

'But surely you want to go aboard too?' Imogen hoped Ethan didn't hear the note of desperation in her voice.

'Not on your life…Now I be thinkin' that you'll be a wanting to go for a cruise right now, eh, Captain, and will be needing supplies for the voyage.' Ethan's seafaring accent was pretty bad. Darlene's was woeful.

'Thinking the same, Darlene.' Without warning Ethan grasped Imogen around her waist, scooped up her legs and carried the shocked woman over onto the deck. With obvious reluctance he placed her upright and let her go.

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