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Passion always saw the good in people. Even if individuals were bad to the bone, she would look beyond their misdeeds. Raised in a household where the focus was more on spirituality, she would always hear her parents say, "There is good and bad in everyone. In some cases, the good never developed, so the bad took over that person's life. One must always look deep into an individual's heart and try to bring out that good."

Therefore, when she started to correspond with an inmate and then fell in love with him, she believed she was practicing what her parents were advocating.

However, she was about to be drawn into a network of lies, deceit, and fraud, and after his release from prison, disturbing events would leave her asking, "Was he a good for nothing or the devil's spawn?"

Ever since she could remember, Passion's dream was to be a missionary. She wanted to nurture and save souls. Her caring, listening, and communicating skills would have made her the ideal celebrant. She considered joining the Peace Corps but decided to stay close to home, because in her community, there were plenty of folks who needed divine intervention.

Every weekend, she would lecture to the heathens and lost souls. Yet, she possessed another great gift: Baking. When it came to her pies, cakes, tarts, and cookies, she was an amazing artisan. For over twenty years, she worked as a pastry chef at the popular Gourmet Treats in Upper Manhattan, New York.

People would come from the other boroughs just to buy and taste her mouthwatering desserts. The business was doing so well that the owners decided to open a second Gourmet Treats in Carson City, Nevada, and they wanted her to manage the new shop; she would receive a forty percent share of the net profits.

After thinking about and discussing it with her parents, who encouraged her to go for it, she accepted the challenge.

In six months, she would be working in a city whose economic force was tourism. With visitors drawn to the casinos and other sites of interests, this shop was going to be a success if she had anything to do with it.

Since Passion had accumulated a massive amount of money and planned to purchase a home in New York City, she would use those funds to buy her first home in Carson City. She started to scout around for homes on the Internet and came across a real estate agency, which had a list of properties not too far from the new shop. After looking over numerous videos, she found a house within her price range.

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