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By age thirty-two, Shaun was going to be a millionaire and married. He would always hear family members say, "You will never be successful unless you bring others along with you."

He never forgot those words. His objective was to bring prosperity and happiness to others; come hell or high water, his aspirations were going to come true.

Growing up in an urban community and being the youngest of five children, he never saw any signs of hardship. There was always food on the table, and no one ever complained about not having enough money.

His parents were homeowners and worked in the service industry sector. His father sold life insurance, and his mother was a secretary to the C.E.O. of a major hotel.

The assumption was, if a person owned property and made good money, he or she was doing fine. For all purposes, his family lived a comfortable existence. However, he was never content with just doing fine. He wanted more.

At age eighteen, Shaun graduated from high school and immediately got a job at a high-end women's clothing store in Queens, New York. He started out as a stock clerk, and because of his flair for color and fashion, he would study trends and drop hints on the different designs and accessories that would bring more customers into the store.

In three years, he was head salesperson. When it came to selling, he had the midis touch. With his successful marketing skills, he could have sold feathers to chickens and milk to cows. Whether it was his good looks, the layout of the store, or the price tags, women from all over were coming to the shop, so much so, that sales literally quadrupled in two years. A year later, he was store manager.

Despite his excellent take-home pay, he was not reaching his goal of becoming rich. He bought lottery tickets and spent over one thousand dollars a year, chasing after an unattainable dream of hitting it big. He had a much better chance at finding UFOs and selling them on eBay; he might have become a millionaire overnight.

The way his life was going, he would never become prosperous. He started to re-examine his way of thinking by searching for realistic means of creating wealth.

After twelve years on the job, he came to the realization that becoming wealthy would only come about by being an entrepreneur.

While surfing the Internet for start-up business opportunities, Shaun came across an Internet ministry that offered a home study program; the organization would ordain and authorize people to perform legal weddings and marriage ceremonies in all fifty states.

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