Agent Out of Time (Chapter Seven - The Skull, page 2 of 4)

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My hand slipped down to my waist and slipped free a six-inch hunting knife that I was rarely without. Quietly I slipped into the dark cabin keeping care to stay low and not backdrop myself against an outside window. I had thought it odd not to see any lights on as I had ridden up.

Grimly I knelt down and reached a hand out to the darker shadow laying on the floor. The feeling of death was heavy in the atmosphere of the room. Ted was dead. From the feel of it his skull had been cracked wide open. I canvassed the rest of the cabin slowly, but I was alone. I pulled out my cell phone and dialed the number.

The line was instantly active, "Yes, I need to report a murder." I gave them the particulars and agreed to wait until someone arrived.

I called Trent and told him. He took it quietly, as I knew you would. He and Deshavi had been out on a date. I didn't turn any lights on, but I could tell the place had been rifled through, as if it had been a robbery gone wrong. I doubted that however, because the skull was gone. That was what was behind all of this I was more than willing to bet.

I had expected the fall back from Ted's discovery to be bad, but not like this. One of my people had likely killed Ted or someone on the outside had killed him and stolen the skull to shift probable blame onto my people and make us look bad. I didn't know which it was, but either way I was going to make them pay for this!

I stood along the sidelines as uniformed officers made their way about the scene, as photographs were taken and fingerprints were dusted for. Deshavi stood near me looking very pale. Trent was being questioned by an officer, "I know about your grandfather's recent discovery, but do you have any idea as to who would do this?"

Trent shrugged shaking his head no, "No one in particular that I know of."

Deshavi's voice quivered, as it broke into the conversation, "I think I might know of who could have done it."

All eyes turned to her. The officer walked up to her and Deshavi told him of being accosted by the three men in the store and them wanting her to steal the skull. It was the first that I had heard of the incident and glancing at Trent I could see it was for him to.

His demeanor up till now had been one of masterful control, but now the muscles of his jaw were bunching and ticking in barely leashed fury. He spoke up roughly, "Why didn't you tell me? Tell anyone, someone about the incident?"

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