Agent Out of Time (Chapter Six - Bygone Era, page 1 of 5)

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It had been agreed that the wedding would take place in one month, August 24th. The ceremony would be in New Jersey, and as I had suspected, that was where the new couple would stay. Deshavi and I had spent a week in the East before coming back. It had been a good week for both of us.

Deshavi was somewhat torn at the moment over one item, which was her mother. Specifically in regards to the fact that she didn't want her mother at the wedding, which I know made her feel guilty. I told Deshavi repeatedly, her wedding equaled her decision. Still, I expected to see her mother there, even though it probably would be for the best if she wasn't.

I had reached Ted's cabin, but I didn't see him about. I was about to dismount and go searching inside, when I heard a chink of metal off of stone. What was this? Ted actually working in his own dig site for once? Would wonders never cease.

I let Windstalker amble over to the dig site. I slipped off and made my way down into the maze of dig site trenches. Trent had really helped his grandfather out by putting a lot of effort into uncovering new sections of territory to which I now headed for. I turned a corner to find a thoroughly exhausted looking Ted. He was covered from head to toe with sweat and grime.

"Ted are you all right?" I asked in concern.

He looked up with relief, "Oh good you're here! I could use some help here. I've been at it all yesterday and now today."

I quickly stepped forward across the space. On my way I noticed a tarp laid out on the ground. On it were countless stone implements, most of them spearheads. "You found all those in the past two days?" I exclaimed.

It was more archaeological evidence, then Ted had discovered, during the entire dig up till now. He nodded and looked up his tired features excited, "And that's not all!"

In front of where Ted kneeled in the dirt there was a part of a bone exposed. It looked like a femur leg bone and it was human without a doubt. I sank to my knees feeling excitement for my friend's discovery.

It took hours to carefully uncover the bones.

I made Ted sit and rest while I dug. It wasn't a complete skeleton. Some parts were gone; others had drifted slightly away from the main body. There was enough evidence to tell from the bones that they belonged to a female of about average height. It was a tantalizing discovery, but it didn't much prove Ted's theory correct. That changed when we found her skull.

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