Agent with a History (Chapter Two - Rundown, page 1 of 5)

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The doorman looked like he was about to object to my front-on approach so I flashed him my badge and he did a double take of me. I was used to it. For whatever reason, no one ever seemed to place me as being a cop.

I had a friend tell me once that I looked like I should have been some wealthy millionaire's mistress instead of wasting myself on the life of being a cop. Needless to say, we hadn't kept close since then. I had few enough friends without losing another, but I seriously didn't need one who thought my higher calling in life should be as someone's mistress.

I walked into the oh, so familiar atmosphere of the strip club. Talk about déjà vu, only this time the place was populated.

I winced slightly as my headache took it up a notch in time with the loud music and strobe lights. I really did need to get some sleep. I made my way through the ranks of glazed eyed men. The place was packed and I had to shove my way through the pressed throng to make headway. Rafferty hurried to keep up with me, and I slowed down some.

I was forever making the short Irish man hurry to catch up with me. I couldn't help it that my walk was really more of a stride than a step. I was 5'11''. Some said that I was blessed with long legs, but cursed with a short amount of patience for getting where I wanted to be, which right now was backstage.

A guy's hand off to my right flashed out to, no doubt, smack my butt as I passed by, but I intercepted it with a quick grasp by my own hand. I snapped it over and putting pressure on his arm I had the satisfaction of watching his face turn white with pain at my hold. Served him right, the boorish lout.

"Keep your hands to yourself next time."I spit out as I continued on through the crowd, not bothering to glance back.

Rafferty stopped briefly beside the man, as the man felt at his shoulder painfully. "You were lucky. You should've seen what she did to the last guy who tried to do that. I'm not entirely sure he could still father a child after what she did."

The man's eyes widened markedly and he quickly moved away, all protest at his mistreatment gone from him. Rafferty smiled and continued on after Lisa. He'd known her ever since she had come from the academy. She had a nose for finding out the truth and had quickly risen to the top, but she had poor understanding of social graces and could be downright insensitive at times. She was pretty level-headed most of the time, but sometimes something seemed to boil over inside her and render her to such an uncontrolled state that he swore she went looking for a fight.

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