Agent with a History (Chapter Four - Long Night, page 1 of 5)

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I fumbled with the keys at the door of my apartment for a moment. Finally, I slipped the right key into the worn lock and opened the door.

I shut the door behind me with a swing of my foot. No one and nothing rushed up to greet me as I entered my little haven, away from the watchful eyes of the world. I'd never cared much for dogs. I did however get a cat three years ago.

It hadn't like me though and I had ended up giving it to a kid three doors down from me. At last report they were very happy with each other. After the cat, I had gotten some fish. I had not expected to enjoy them as much as I had.

It had been so rewarding to see them clamor together at feeding time or just idly watch them swim around. That ambient past time had ended one morning, when I had found them all floating belly up. That was a bad morning. I'd even called off work sick, which was something I had almost never done.

Rafferty had even showed up at my apartment to see what was wrong. I'd been an emotional wreck and he had been the one to dispose of the fish. It seemed stupid to be so emotionally involved over a few dead fish, but I had been. To Rafferty's credit he had seemed to understand and hadn't told anyone about the incident. I'd been putting off getting anymore fish, but maybe it was time.

Maybe this place would hold a little more meaning again and not be quite so lack-luster and lonely. Weariness hit me in a wave. By the light of the city lights outside, I popped back some Ibuprofen, probably more than I should have, and started taking my clothes off, dropping them on the floor on my way to the bed. I didn't even bother to take my bra off or change into sleep wear; I just crashed into the bed, which I instantly regretted when my cheek hit the pillow hard. Turning my head so my good cheek was down, I reached down and yanked the covers up over me. Sleep closed in fast, but before it did my hand closed over the golden cross of my necklace and I whispered a prayer for peace from the nightmares that had been haunting me again as of late.

I wasn't overly religious but I knew there was a God. It had been a long time since I had gone to church or even prayed. Maybe I should do that this weekend, was my last thought.

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