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Chapter 2

Wednesday February 8, 1984 I came home from work and after opening the door found Nora standing behind it with a finger on her lips, indicating to me to keep silent and she was showing me a letter from the Exchange Bank. The children were in their room with the door wide open and that's why she did not want to attract their attention. I looked at Peter and Katarina playing in their room and then calmly and quietly asked: "Did we…?"

"Yes," Nora said and I asked: "How much?"

"Six hundred," Nora said and it was quite obvious she had a hard time hiding her excitement. I just added very quietly: "Put it on the refrigerator in the kitchen and we can look at it in more detail later on."

We could hardly wait till we finished eating dinner and the kids went to bed. We wanted them to be saved from the details, because when they did not know anything, they could tell it to nobody. A few months ago, we had made a decision to do everything so they would know the least till the last moments. They were too small to be able to understand the complexity of life in these given circumstances, and if our plan came out OK, we would need not trouble them with explaining and telling them what they could say and where. At about nine in the evening when we were sure that the kids were asleep, we again sat down in the living room. We turned on Tchaikovsky with the speaker turned at the wall behind us so snoops could not hear our conversation. We both read closely the letter which stated that the Exchange Bank decided to allot 600 dollars to us for the purpose of traveling to the west in the calendar year 1984. Two hundred dollars would be paid to us in cash and an additional four hundred in American Express traveler's checks. Before leaving, we had to pick up the dollars at the Exchange Bank after paying a money order to the bank for 24,600 Czechoslovak crowns. For that time it was a decent amount of money, but fortunately for us, it wasn't a problem because just recently we had sold the "invisible" furnishings from our apartment.

" It seems my plan is slowly taking off and now let's get going," I said, invigorated by the first achievement.

"Do you have any time schedule? I mean what you will be doing and when," Nora asked.

"Roughly, however the details still had to be thought out at every step. Above all, I must be ready with all alternatives," I noted pensively.

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