Biography: English novelist Georgette Heyer (1902-1974) wrote historical romances and detective fiction beginning in 1921 with The Black Moth, which continues to be popular today. Heyer wrote in the Regency romance genre inspired by Jane Austen, and paid great attention to historical accuracy in her work. She married George Rougier in 1925, and traveled with him to exotic locations such as the East African territory of Tanganyika. Heyer was prolific, releasing two books a year starting in 1932.
Books published by author:
  1. The Black Moth
    The Black Moth
    by Georgette Heyer

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    Who is the mysterious man who foils the kidnapping of the beautiful Diana Beauleigh by the nefarious Duke of Andover? He is Jack Carstares, disgraced oldest son of the Earl Wyncham, living a secret life. Jack suffers an injury while rescuing Diana, and must hide with her family if he is to recover.

    Categories: Romance, Regency Romance, Romantic Suspense