Biography: Gaston Leroux was born the son of a wealthy shopowner in Paris in 1868. He studied law but inherited a large fortune before he started his law practice. He spent his time drinking and gambling, eventually going broke. He went to work as a court reporter, theatre critic and journalist. He covered several famous trials which he later used as the basis for two series of detective mystery novels. He also wrote seven plays and twelve novels. He was best known for his mystery novels and "The Phantom of the Opera" which he wrote in 1910. He died in 1927.
Books published by author:
  1. The Phantom of the Opera
    The Phantom of the Opera
    by Gaston Leroux

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    A criminally insane, physically-deformed musician haunts a Paris opera house demanding a monthly salary and a box seat for every show. He provides voice lessons to a beautiful young singer and then abducts her to his cellar retreat away from her lover who threatens to destroy the opera house. She is forced to make a difficult choice of who to love and makes a promise to the musician. The novel was the source of several films and stage adaptations including the highly successful musical version by Andrew Lloyd Webber in 1987.

    Categories: Romance, Romantic Suspense