Dance With the Wind (Chapter 9, page 1 of 12)

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Chapter 9

Two weeks passed without sight or sound of Colby. By Friday evening, Megan's last strand of hope blew away like a milkweed in the wind. "He's in Florida. What else explains his nonexistence? I hope Gray Cloud and Running Doe are not heartbroken." Her voice quieted as disappointment settled in her stomach. "Colby was worth the heartache, but I wish he had said good-bye."

Brett sauntered by, whistling. He tipped his hat and headed to the barn. Anger pushed aside her frustration. With teeth gritted, Megan stormed to the barn. Her hands rested on her hips, as if ready to draw a gun. "Thanks," she said, with menacing undertone.

"For what?" he said, nonchalantly as he grabbed the rake.

"For running Colby out of my life."

His laugh mixed with the tinny sound of the rake. "You did it again, cuz."

"Did what?" she retorted. Pursed lips and squinted eyes showed lack of appreciation in his enjoyment over her failed love life. Am I not entitled to a boyfriend and happiness too? He leaned the rake against the wall and approached Megan. "I'm kidding." With his hands on her shoulders, Brett said, "Clay and Colby are as different as a horse and cow. Colby didn't leave, he's busy."

"With what?"

"How would I know? He said hi and he'll see you soon."

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