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Chapter 10

"Special delivery for Megan Harper," Brett shouted as he ran towards the corral, waving an envelope. She patted Misty and then joined her cousin, who now stood beside the fence.

"Who's it from?" she asked, reaching for the envelope.

"Well, it says California," Brett said, keeping the envelope from her reach. "Do you know someone named J. Pierpont III?"

"Give me that."

"I could read it for you," he said, pretending to open the letter.

"You will not." She extended her hand, waiting for him to place the letter in it. "Give me the letter."

"What happens if I don't?" He pretended to open it.

"My plans for revenge will never be divulged," she said with a sly smile. "That takes away the fun of watching you sweat, constantly looking over your shoulder, checking your bed before crawling under the covers every night. Get my drift."

"Geez," Brett said, grimacing and gulping. "I taught you too well, cuz." He handed over the envelope.

"Thank you," she said and turned away from him to read her letter.

My dearest Megan, Hope your summer has been fun and full of adventure. I can't wait to hear about the trials, tribulations, and escapades of the kids. Are you riding bareback, playing broom polo, or watching a fake drowning? Perhaps you chose to climb to the rock caves again. I know how much you enjoyed the thrill and rush of adrenaline.

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