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Chapter 8

Megan meandered around the woods, taking different paths. Aspen quivered in the breeze, shimmering like shiny coins. With each step, she heard new sounds. Squirrels chattered as if expressing joy in Rose's birth. Elk grunted in reply. Even the sun seemed to shine brighter today, passing its way through the towering trees to light her path.

"Who knew delivering a baby would be this amazing, yet terrifying? What if something had gone wrong?" Megan shook her head, the smile never ending. "All went well." There was a new lightness to her steps and she wanted to shout it to the world, but words to express her emotions were absent.

Up ahead the River of Hope gurgled over rocks making its way downstream. "I always end up here. The one place I know where you can celebrate and reflect." She found a smooth rock and settled in. Her hand went to the water and soon cold rushed over her. "What a day!" she said to no one.

"You can say that again."

She jolted and almost fell in. "Hey, Colby," she uttered but kept her gaze on the water. Many thoughts and emotions filled her mind, leaving it a jumbled mess. She knew he would realize she held a secret. One of the best stories she could ever share with him. Was she ready to surrender the confusing emotions and allow him to help her put the pieces together to make a beautiful picture?

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