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Chapter 4

Chattering and giggling escaped the dining room through the open screen door. Megan took solace in the porch swing creaking in the morning hours. Visions of birthday parties spun like a kaleidoscope showing her parents laughing and dancing, but words remained unspoken. She smoothed the front of her pale yellow organdy dress with primroses on the bodice and sleeves and nosegays on the skirt.

"Happy birthday to me," she said in a dismal voice. Though a smile formed, it did not keep her heart from breaking. I'm lucky to have Brett in my life, but why did I have to lose my parents to gain him? All I want is to hear my parents again. It's been ten years, but today it feels like one hundred. Brett walked onto the porch singing "Happy Birthday." He joined Megan on the porch swing. "You okay?" he asked, patting her knee.

In the shrug, her hand clasped the amethyst pendant around her neck. A breeze passed over, but no voices came with it. "Why is my birthday the hardest?"

"I don't know cuz. But, hey, you've got me." He elbowed her until she laughed. "That's better." He handed her a box wrapped in lilac paper with a pale yellow ribbon. "Hope you like it."

After gently lifting the tape and unwrapping the present, she removed the box lid. A bracelet with intricate beadwork lay on top of white tissue paper. "This is beautiful," she said, admiring the bracelet she now held. "You have impeccable taste, Mr. MacCormack."

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