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Chapter 3

Thundering yells pierced the afternoon hours. "You're the jerk, jerk. No, you are." Pow! Blast! Slap! Megan ran towards the boys' cabin. Clothes lay on the floor and beds, while one of the beds was turned on its side.

"What's going on?" Megan said her eyebrows creased in frustration and concern. She stepped over a pile of clothes and shoes to reach Danny and Jason, who stood in the middle of the room. There was over 500-square feet in this cabin, yet it seemed the room was no bigger than a horse stall. She waited for the place to erupt into flames from the searing looks they cast upon each other.

"Guys, you were great for the last few weeks, keeping your distance and not having any problems. What changed?" Megan asked Danny and Jason.

"Tell the jerk over there that his stories are stupid. I'm sick of hearing them," Danny said, his hands still balled into fists. His light brown eyes looked like they were ready to send out daggers.

Something went off in Jason and he flew towards Danny like a rattlesnake attacking its prey. Danny fought back with every ounce of grit he had. Brett stormed in and grabbed Danny, while Megan grabbed Jason and tried to avoid flailing arms and legs. Both boys continued kicking and punching, hitting nothing but air.

"Settle down," she whispered in Jason's ear. His attempts to free himself proved vain as Megan gripped his shirt tighter. He relinquished the fight, his body falling forward as if he had no bone structure. His breathing was shallow and rapid. Megan's grip lessened, but she never released him.

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