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Chapter 6

From afar, Megan watched the seven kids hanging on the fence. Animated talk swirled around like leaves looking for a place to land. Though excited to spend the day with them, Colby consumed her thoughts. His defiant stare reminded her of a young boy trying to prove himself a man instead of showing actual hatred. She had to find a way to break through his wall, but it seemed near impossible. "This is just like searching for Jill in the thunderstorm last summer. I led the rescue operation and despite setbacks and me being scared beyond belief, we found her, safe and unscathed. Do I still have that strength to help Colby? What if he doesn't want to be found?" With a deep breath, she joined the gang.

"Hey, troops. What would you like to do today?"

"Swim, jump, ride, fish," they blurted out.

"Whoa!" I knew better than to ask, she thought. She escaped for a moment to call in her reinforcements. Charlie took his group fishing, Faith took her group swimming, and Megan stayed with Mike who wanted to practice jumping. Christa stayed too, a peaked interest in her eyes.

Johnny, a former equestrian turned ranch hand, joined them. He was in his mid-forties, still in physical peak condition, and he loved horses. After changing the saddle, he held onto the bridle. Christa placed her hand on the saddle and put a foot in the stirrup. Once mounted, she gulped. Megan held her breath, awaiting Christa's next move. While Johnny talked with her, giving her a few pointers, she listened whole-heartedly. Her gaze never left his face.

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