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Chapter 6

Sunday 20 January


They had an awesome place, those new vamps. It looked like it needed its own brochure, it was so big. It was one of those country mansions with dozens of bedrooms, and manicured gardens and parks, and a great big gravel parking space out front, and a fountain, for goodness sake. Talk about ostentatious. Angus' place was big, but it didn't look like they were trying to prove something.

We were greeted at the door by the whole family. I was immediately drawn to Mrs Colborne, or Julia, as she introduced herself - just as well she did - she looked about as old as her sons. She had a lovely face, with large grey eyes framed by pale lashes. When she saw me, she extended a hand and smiled welcomingly. Mr Colborne just stood there, a nice-looking man in his fifties or thereabouts, obviously not a vampire himself, looking slightly bored but willing to make an effort. The three siblings had varying reactions to our arrival. The two boys seemed pleased to see us - they introduced themselves as Simon (brown hair, golden eyes, big goofy grin) and Oliver (blonde, blue eyes, intense). We had seen Oliver at the airport, and he was still devastatingly gorgeous. I smiled at him, happy to see a familiar face, and his pupils dilated so his eyes were almost black, and he frowned.

"Stop teasing him," Angus' voice grated in my ear.

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