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Chapter 4


It had been quite a surprise meeting that vampire, sorry, iron metaboliser, at the airport. He seemed so civilised. Too civilised, in my opinion. Like he was all veneer and not much else. Angus didn't like him, I could tell.

I had been worrying about the lack of any contact between us for a couple of days now, apart from when he'd kissed me outside school. He even avoided touching my hand when he gave me coffee. It was no big deal, I suppose, but I'd been obsessing about it. I remembered that first time that he'd kissed me, and how it had felt, and I was concerned that he'd stopped being interested in me in that way. I was relieved when he told me that he still wanted me. Overjoyed really.

The problem was, I wasn't sure I could handle another eight or nine days of this strict no touch business. All I wanted to do was touch him; and a lot more than that too. A lot more. It was driving me crazy, now that I wasn't so distracted by being abducted and going to school and suchlike. It was Friday night, and the weekend stretched out ahead of us, with no interruptions on the horizon, no Mark popping in whenever he wanted coffee, no school.

I thought about trying to seduce him, but in my head it didn't go well. In my head he patiently rebuffed my amateurish advances, and I was left feeling crushed and humiliated.

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