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Chapter 8

She paused, as if considering her words. "Being an iron metaboliser is much, much harder. Each and every one of us have to constantly fight the power and dominance and rage within us. The fact that you are sitting here now, regretting what you have had to do, tells me that you have won, and that you will continue to win."

She smiled wryly. "I have done some terrible things in my two hundred years, but I'm still fighting, and most of the time, I still win."

Her words washed over me like a soothing balm.

"As long as you acknowledge the vampire in you, and you keep it buried when you don't need it, you too will win," she continued. "My brother Jack never bothered to fight it. He embraced it." She spoke deliberately, her eyes expressionless. "I had hoped he was dead, but it seems he's not." She turned to Angus. "I would like your help to make him so."

I looked at Angus, and allowed my gaze to linger on the planes of his striking face as he contemplated the request, frowning, his eyes black and unforgiving under his dark brows. Marcus and Fergus watched him too. It was Oliver who broke the silence.

"We're not as civilised as we look," he grinned. "My mother fought Jack many years ago, and she's still here to tell of it. And she's been practising her skills every time a war comes along." He paused, and his grin widened. "And I know how to handle a few weapons myself."

Angus considered him thoughtfully, and then he nodded. "It needs doing. And it will be easier and less risky if we work together."

Julia smiled, her eyes bleak. "Excellent."


It broke my heart to see her anguish. I knew how she felt - I had felt it myself many years ago, but the passing of time had made the fear of the monster inside less acute. My iron control had also helped. But even now, as we discussed killing Jack, I felt it rejoice in me as it anticipated its imminent release.

"We can use this place as a base of operations," Marcus began, "with your permission, of course," he glanced at Julia. She nodded. I saw something pass between them, both anticipation and regret in their expressions.

"Absolutely," she said firmly. "Bill and Lucy and Simon can go to London for a few days."

"I'm staying," said Simon, his mouth set in a stubborn line. "I can man the computers and the communication equipment from here. We have a safe room, so I'll be fine. Even if Jack decides to attack this place. Which he won't."

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