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Chapter 8


We were halfway to the first of the industrial properties Fergus had mentioned - driving along a relatively deserted country road - when an oncoming vehicle started hooting at us and flashing their lights. Fergus looked at the screen of my phone and gasped. I glanced at the driver of the other car and slammed on brakes, and I was out of the Bentley and across the road in seconds with Rebecca in my arms.

There is no way to describe my enormous relief and joy at having her back safe with me. I could have stood there holding her body against mine for ever, my face buried in her hair, but Fergus had found the horn on the Bentley and was more or less sitting on the damn thing. Rebecca started laughing, and pulled away just enough to stick her tongue out at him. He started tapping it instead, which was even more irritating. I held up my hands in capitulation and tucked Rebecca under my left arm, and we crossed the road to where I had parked the Bentley. Well, not parked as such. More like abandoned. Fergus sat grinning in the front passenger seat.

"Bex!" he leaned out of the window. "Good to see you again, love. Let's get going now?"

I nodded my agreement, and opened the rear door. Marcus and Julia looked up at me.

"Can you drive a Bentley, Julia?"

She grinned at me. "Absolutely," she said, and clambered out of the back and into the driver seat. Rebecca and I squashed into the back with Marcus and Oliver.

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