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  1. Carmilla
    by Joseph Le Fanu

    Rating: 3.6/5 (1253 votes cast)


    Meeting first in their dreams, Laura and Carmilla are bound together in the original female vampire romance. What can Laura make of an ancestral portrait that resembles her mysterious new friend or the strange dreams she experiences as she is drawn ever closer to this beauty of the night?

    Category: Vampire Romance

  2. Dracula
    by Bram Stoker

    Rating: 3.1/5 (698 votes cast)


    The ultimate vampire novel takes Jonathan Harker to a remote castle in the Carpathian Mountains to meet the charming and strange Count Dracula. The Brides of Dracula work their magic on Harker as the Count casts his spell on Lucy, the woman Harker was meant to marry.

    Categories: Romance, Historical Romance, Vampire Romance


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Vikramaditya Singh the scion of the royal family of Rajgarh was to be married to Maya Verma daughter of Verma jewellers who eloped with her lover two days before the wedding. Now Maya's step sister Shnaya would take her place.

Will Vikram be able to accept the shy but practical Shnaya as his wife ?

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Featured Author

B S Murthy

BS Murthy, born 27 Aug 1948, is the author of Benign Flame: Saga of Love, Jewel-less Crown:: Saga of Life, Crossing the Mirage: Passing through youth (plot and character driven novels all), Glaring Shadow: A stream of consciousness novel, Prey on the Prowl: A Crime Novel. Onto the Stage: 'Slighted Souls' and other stage and radio plays.'n Stories Varied - A Book of Short Stories His non-fiction works are Puppets of Faith: Theory of communal strife, Bhagvad-Gita: Treatise of Self-help (in verses with contemporary idiom sans 110 interpolations) and Sundara Kenda: Hanuman's Odyssey, also in verse.His body of work of above ten free ebooks are in the public doimain in umpteen websites. . Besides articles on general management (The Hindu), materials management (Purchase) general insurance (The Insurance Times) and literary/social subjects (Triveni,) he contributed Addendum to Evolution: Origins of the World by Eastern Speculative Philosophy to The Examined Life On-Line Philosophy Journal, Vol. 05 Issue 18.(republished in

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