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At PublicBookshelf you can find all the techie info you crave in computers and technology. Read full books online. Everything you need, from basic programming, to computer terminology, to learning how to set up a home computer network, can be found here.

Setting up a home computer network has never been easier. Look for books written specifically for the novice techie. Learn how to set up a wireless network, add a printer to an existing network or install Ethernet wire in your home. With step-by-step instructions, you'll be working easily on your computer and surfing the Internet in no time.

Computers and technology is a growing industry requiring continued education to stay current on the latest developments. By learning as much as you can from the experiences and knowledge of others, you can better determine what products will work for you before shelling out the big bucks.

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Featured Novel Jane Eyre

Charlotte Bronte

Like heroines in many romantic stories, Jane Eyre was a penniless orphan who was an ugly duckling. She left an unhappy time at a boarding school to become a teacher and governess for a proud man with a secret.

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Indebted Featured Novel Indebted


Emily Côte was indebted to Nickolai Carsarro. A ten million debt she couldn't afford to repay, a debt she inherited on the passing of her father. Emily was no longer free, her life controlled and owned by another until all debts are paid.
Adult contemporary romance novel.

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