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Zanna-An Arabic term used in the KORAN, indicating meaningless theological speculation.

Zazen-A form of BUDDHISM that involves sitting quietly in MEDITATION, and is used for clearing the mind of cluttered thoughts so that the ultimate nature of existence is given the opportunity to become self-evident.

Zener Card-One of 25 cards that are marked with five different objects and are used in ESP research.

Zen-(or CH'AN), meaning MEDITATION) is a form of BUDDHISM, and originated about 520 AD in China, and around 1100 AD was taking hold in Japan. Seeing the world just as it is, with no intermediate thoughts or feelings. Zen teaches the possibility of ENLIGHTENMENT (rather than scriptural emphasis) in the present moment (compared to other forms of Buddhism, which sees enlightenment as a distant goal). Various approaches are used for development of Buddhahood, which include ZAZEN (sitting quietly in MEDITATION) or contemplation of a KOAN, which is a riddle or brain teasing, puzzling story by using non-symbolic words or actions to answer all philosophic or RELIGIOUS questions. The answer is the action just as it is, and not what it represents.

Zend Avesta-SACRED texts or prayer books of ZOROASTRIANISM.

Zero Hour-The final hour of LAST JUDGMENT at which time one's DESTINY is established.

Zohar-A written text of the CABALA, and provides an interpretation of JUDAISM, the PENTATEUCH, and the history of Israel.

Zoroastrianism-An ancient Persian RELIGION (prior to ISLAM) based on mythology of the battle between good and evil or light and darkness. Also known as MAZDAISM.

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